3 Things To Remember Before Hanging Pendant Lights

So, you have made your choice of the best pendant light fixtures to use and already have them on hand. Let’s discuss a few things as reminders and precautions that should result to a brighter, cosier and a more comfortable living space.

 Where to install?

Determining exactly where to hang your light fixture is the very first thing you have to ask yourself. One place may need a brighter glow, while another room is best with a warm, dimly lit hanging pendant light. In most cases, it has to be centred around a particular area where lighting is needed and productivity is met.

How many pendant lights to install?

Hanging pendant lights don’t always require a big space. It all depends on where most of your time is spent. Both the living room and dining area need much lighting, which typically is best with two to three pendants. One light fixture, on the other hand, may be enough to illuminate the foyer or the bathroom.

Bear in mind size of pendants and type of light bulbs can also have an impact on the brightness of any room. One advantage of using hanging pendant lights is they are adjustable. Most pendants available these days are equipped with drops that enable home owners to adjust the length. This is also an important factor to consider when setting a light fixture.

 Does my hanging pendant lights create a lively environment?

It is probably not the most popularly thought question, but let’s admit the reality that pendant lights add charm to any space. This kind of piece is functional in more than one way. The details from shape to exterior design can have an effect on the look and vibe of your room. The light bulb doesn’t solely add warmth - it’s the whole hanging pendant light itself. This is the same reason why picking the right colours and style is as important as choosing the brightness level.

Important Note: 

Any electrical work including hanging lights requires a qualified electrician.

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