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How to Light Your Room in Hamptons Style

Hamptons style is defined by calm, casual and relaxed beach living lifestyle in an elegant way. Hamptons look is bright and breezy with plenty of natural daylight where nature takes the centre stage.  Do you love the Hamptons and Coastal style look?  Today we will show you how to finish your home with some decorative and functional lighting ideas. Make a Statement Pendant Lighting can really make a statement and help to define your space, especially in open plan homes. Chandeliers or glass pendants are a clear choice and offer a sense of scale. Depending on the style chandeliers can help to ground a lofty space or make a room appear larger.     Keep it simple - Turn down the colour...

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3 Things To Remember Before Hanging Pendant Lights

So, you have made your choice of the best pendant light fixtures to use and already have them on hand. Let’s discuss a few things as reminders and precautions that should result to a brighter, cosier and a more comfortable living space.  Where to install? Determining exactly where to hang your light fixture is the very first thing you have to ask yourself. One place may need a brighter glow, while another room is best with a warm, dimly lit hanging pendant light. In most cases, it has to be centred around a particular area where lighting is needed and productivity is met. How many pendant lights to install? Hanging pendant lights don’t always require a big space. It all depends...

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